uLI – Ultimate LI

USB interface for XpressNET

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What is uLI?

Ultimate LI is an opensource and openhardware implementation of the original Lenz Interface developed in MRC Brno I – Model Railway Club Brno I, the Czech Republic.

The project consists of a PCB layout design and a firmware for the main MCU. uLI connects to any command station supporting XpressNET 3.0 or 3.6. On the other side, uLI is connected directly to the PC via USB cable. After installation of a simple driver, PC sees uLI simply as a serial port. This allows applications such as JMRI to connect to the railway DCC command station.

uLI is available for free and for everyone. All materials are in public repositories and everyone is welcome to contribute to the project!

Small & easy to use

Ultimate LI fits into 7×5×3 cm case. Just connect your uLI to the XpressNET and to the PC. That's all.

Compatible with common applications

Every application supporting LI101 of LI101F is also compatible with uLI. We heavily use uLI with JMRI and hJOP for both normal traffic and programming.

Opensource & openhardware

All source codes and hardware designs are available in public GIT repositories.