First Setup

When first obtained uLI, you should remember to setup it correctly.

  1. Connect uLI to the PC.

    Use simple USB A-B cable. On some operating systems, driver will install automatically. If not, you may either download our pre-extracted driver or install CDC driver from official Microchip Libraries for Applications .

    When uLI initializes communication with PC, one of the green LEDs should turn off.

  2. Connect uLI to the XpressNET.

    Use standard 4-wire or 6-wire direct cable from command station or any XpressNET hub connected to the command station. This is the same cable as for example Roco multiMaus uses.

    uLI has two XpressNET connectors mutually connected, so you may use uLI as an XpressNET hub.

  3. Connect uLI to an application

    Use serial port device assigned to uLI.
    Important: use

    • any baud rate and
    • no flow control.


Please see README file for technical details.


Found a bug? Want to submit a new feature? Submit an issue or open a pull request on GitHub.

Or you may simply write an e-mail to the maintainer:


We use uLI in the Model Railroader Club in Brno quite heavily. We use it for both normal track and programming. uLI connects main command station of our railway with main software controlling the whole traffic. We used uLI at several public exhibitions lasting at least for 3 weeks and there were no problems with it.